Closet Chameleon

Who is the Closet Chameleon?

You can't judge this book by its cover and definitely not by its fashion! You have the ability to transform yourself depending on environment — accountant by day, and rocker by night!

  • You're always making a statement and you have multiple fashion personalities depending on the season, function or audience.

In your Closet

You section out your closet based on your multiple fashion personas.

Your closet serves as a prime spot for playing dress up and experimentation spanning various style types.

At the Store

When you try on a piece, you examine the message it projects and buy it if it makes the right statement.

You divide and conquer each of your style personas separately.


Closet Chameleons can visit T.J.Maxx to find the hottest designer pieces at incredible prices, giving you more possibilities to express your multiple wardrobe personas.

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