Tips For Wearing Stylish lingerie

So in this post I want to talk about allowing yourself to feel sexy.  So many of us have body hang ups that we really shouldn’t have.

Are you new to the world of wearing lingerie, but want to surprise your partner? Don’t worry, you will find the tips in this article helpful and there is nothing complex to deal with either, just the enjoyment of knowing you will be eye candy! In fact, lingerie can even increase the connection between two people. If you want a special occasion, but not sure where to start then keep reading, and by the end of this article you will know everything you need for making him or her a happy person tonight!

Wear what you feel sexy in

The entire concept of this experience is that you and your partner are both going to enjoy the special moment and have fun. The first thing to being sexy is confidence, if you are not wearing something that will make you feel sexy and confident, you only make things harder for yourself. The truth is, as long as you are feeling confident, the remaining tips below may not even be needed. In most situations, confidence is the only thing really missing.

Leave the trenchcoat behind

The whole lingerie with a trenchcoat theme may not be the best option if you are new to wearing lingerie. This is because the whole theme requires a massive amount of confidence, and if you are lacking in that area already it can be harder to pull off as ‘sexy’. Also, it is best if you are going straight to your partner because in the event you forgot to pick something up and need to run in a store, things could get uncomfortable for you. Then, there is the fact that dropping the trenchcoat could lead to you feeling even more exposed rather than seductive.

Discovering sex is an act

Many times, wearing lingerie under your regular outfit can increase the experience come time. For instance, if you are planning a date night to dinner or a movie, you want to look ‘normal’, but when you get ready to be intimate, there is a surprise for your partner. You may enjoy knowing you are the only one that knows the secret as well. When the intimate moment starts, both of you will be able to take part in the act of undressing and it becomes more of an adventure.

Some cloths that fit well over lingerie include pencil skirts, structured dresses, and blouses.

Setting the mood

Are you revealing your lingerie adventure in your home? If so, you can use this to your advantage by preparing the environment and setting the mood. It can really help increase your confidence and comfort level. To avoid the neighbors seeing, you can answer the door in a robe, and this also allows you to choose how things happen. It could be done with wine, candles, music or all three.

Where to buy lingerie?

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