Hair care for oily hair

Who tends to greasy hair, unkempt often feels despite utmost hygiene. With these tips, the fat has no chance

They have morning washed hair and after a few hours, they look like already back greasy and stringy? Then you probably suffer an over-activity of the sebaceous glands. It can charge pretty everyday – unkempt feel despite utmost hygiene.

There are many reasons for oily hair. In addition to the predisposition, especially stress and hormonal changes play a role through puberty or pregnancy. Also unhealthy eating, certain medications, or improper maintenance can shoot over the production of sebum. When one owns also fine hair, the hair again stringy effect a few hours after washing. These strategies can help.

The causes of oily hair

Overactive sebaceous glands regulate shampoo for oily hair.

Try it with non-fat mild shampoos. They contain many active washing substances. Moisturizing components are largely omitted. Some products also gently remove excess sebum and dirt particles with essential oils or particles that are able to absorb and then rinsed off. Or they contain herbal extracts such as Chamomile, Rosemary, horsetail or Yarrow. The latter, regulate the formation of fat and soothe the scalp. When washing, the products should be gently massaged into the scalp, because this is Yes, the source of the sebum production. After a few weeks the hair should have normalised, so that you can omit the special shampoo. This is not the case, also the skin doctor with a medical shampoo with selenium or tar, for example can help. These products should but never on their own come to the application. Your sebaceous glands are overactive in fact? Fat shampoos make only sense if your sebaceous glands are overactive in fact. Is greasy the hair for other reasons, for example because you constantly paint the fingers through the hair or much sweat, is better suited to a wash with a mild shampoo for normal hair.

How to tackle oily hair

Daily hair washing is allowed Frequent washing especially stimulates the production of sebum – this rumor comes from times where the shampoos have been much more aggressive than today. The opposite is the case: in the gentle massaging of the scalp, the sebaceous glands are emptied every time a bit. The scalp then not so quickly again to greasy. It speaks so don’t mind, to wash hair daily. Use FAT shampoos but not more than twice a week, as much fat, they deny the scalp, redness and itching could follow. In the meantime a mild shampoo is ideal for daily care. If you want to go fast, you can save greasy hair with dry shampoo. Tip: If you have something more freely and must not necessarily out of the House, not to wash your hair once a couple of days. So the feeling disappears, you can repeatedly flushed your hair with cold, clear water at this time.

shampoo for greasy hair: And after washing? Who see greasy hair is suffering, should avoid all skin care products with refatting substances, proteins, oils and silicones – they complain the hair and let it appear even oilier. If possible, such as short hair, omit all the flushing. If your hair is however longer and hard to comb, you should never have a rinse. Rub but only in the lengths and ends of the hair and the scalp while omitting. Once a week a clay Pack, given before the laundry on the scalp helps also.

Blow-dry from bottom to top While blow-drying is: less is more. Allow better air dry or just blow dry with low heat, because higher temperatures stimulate the production of sebum. Best with the hair dryer from the bottom to top through the hair blow, so that the hair not the head in contact with skin. Blow no way from top to bottom and the hair brush it from the approach to the top. Else spread the grease on the hair shaft, and the hair looks immediately again stringy.

Styling products for oily hair The fat from the scalp not as fast to distribute in your hair, it is good, if the hair is not flat on the head. Volume foam keeps the hair at a distance. For styling, take additional hair spray, lotion and Hairspray. You should better avoid styling products that make the hair hard, how example, gel and wax, unless you go for a wet look.

Say good riddance to oily hair

Best shampoos for oily hair: What do the hairdresser Greasy hair, short hairstyles have decisive advantages: hair wash and blow dry quicker. Easy approaches to prevent direct contact of with the scalp and thus fast greasing hair. Also permanent waves hairstyles or bright hair highlights are suitable, because they make the hair dry and porous. The big advantage of compared to other hair types: Where else in Perm or bleach, lots of extra care is necessary, this does nature itself: damaged hair will be smooth by the grease of the scalp. Practically, though not everyone’s thing is changing to a wet gel hair style, called “Wet hair”. Wet-gel the hair acts as a whole “wet” – then the stringy, greasy hair is not striking. Closely adjacent to the head hairstyles dreadlocks, braids or other braided hairstyles come in greasy hair of less questioned.

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