Cloth Diapering part 3- The real cost

The Real Cost of Cloth Diapering

When I first started to research cloth diapers (CD), I was shell shocked! Twenty bucks for a diaper? Please, how the heck is this cheaper? It’s true that dropping the initial money on a CD stash can be quite a big investment, but it doesn’t have to be! I would say that the average CD family pays $300 to $500 on CDs. Here is where they SAVE money. My stash is on the low side, and cost about $200.

A. They can be used for multiple children. Even if you buy all pink diapers and then have a girl next, you can sell the pink ones and buy boy/neutral diapers.

B. If you buy one size (OS) diapers they can last you through potty training.

C. You can resell them! Chances are you won’t get all of your money back, but you may be able to make half of it!

**WARNING** Buying and selling CD’s can become ADDICTING, just ask Mr. Daddy about my obsession. I make Lady Petunia a new cover every week…

How many do I need?

This really depends on what kind of diapers you want to try and when you are planning to start.

Newborn- So here is the thing, most OS diapers do not start to fit until 8 to 10 lbs. I don’t think Lady Petunia fit in hers until she was 9 lbs, even then they were a tad big but still worked. So, many people buy a separate stash for the newborn phase. For prefolds and fitteds it is recommend to have 24 to 30 prefolds (if you are going to wash every other day, add more if you want to wash every third day). I would say you would want eight or so covers. The other popular choice for the newborn phase is all in ones (AIO). If you chose these 24 is probably a good amount to start with.

What I did- I did not use CD’s on Lady Petunia until we got out of the tar poop faz, and her belly button healed. When I did start I used mostly G diapers (tiny and small), they worked great until she could fit in her OS flips. She started in full time in CD’s (Flips and Bum Genius) when she was around four weeks old. Honestly if you are a new mom using disposables for the first couple of weeks is not a bad idea. You are probably going to be sore and exhausted that adding a couple loads of laundry may be a really big project. That being said, next time around I do plan to buy a newborn stash and use it. (Yeah, that was NOT a pregnancy confession.)

Infant and up- This again depends on how often you want to wash, how often the child wets, and remember each kid is different. Different diapers work for different kids!

Prefolds/fitteds- 20 to 24, if you have a heavy wetter you probably will want more since you will have to change more often. Prefolds do not leave the baby feeling dry, ultimately they need to be changed more often.

Snappis- five or seven

Pockets/AIO- 24-30

All in Two’s (AI2s)- At least six covers and 24 inserts

Wet bags- Two or three of each size, that way if you are washing and need to dispose of a diaper you can. Remember, you will want one for your diaper bag and will need extra for daycare.

Doubler/liners- This is preference and need only.

Diaper pails- Probably just one, but if you have a large house and find yourself changing diapers in more then one place then maybe get more.

Cloth wipes-50 to 100

What I have- This is after a year of cloth diapering.

All of my diapers are one size, with the exception of my fleece covers and longies.

36 flip stay dry inserts

6 Flip covers- Flips are my go to diapers.

2 Econobum covers

1 WAHM pocket- I shouldn’t even count this diaper, no matter what I stuff it with, it leaks. It has been retired to the baby doll clothes, I often find it on various lovies. Our dog may have even worn it before…

1 Bumgenius pocket- with 3 microfiber inserts. This was my first ever cloth diaper!

1 Blueberry pocket diaper- Hands down, Mr. Daddy always picks this diaper.

2 Happy heinys pockets- I LOVE these diapers

2 Sunbaby pockets

2 fuzzibuns pockets

5 Fleece covers from Jubilee Baby Co.- They are so soft and are all we use at night.

3 Fleece Longies from Jubilee Baby Co.- Every time I put Lady Petunia in these she laughs and shakes her bum, I think they are her favorite!

10 Bummis fleece liners- I have hardly ever used these.

5 or so Bumgenius doublers

2 Hemp Babies doublers

Diaper pails- 0

Wet bags- 2 hanging large ones (Best bottom, planet wise) 1 medium (planet wise), 1 small (planet wise).

The medium and small wet bags go in my diaper bag, which is actually the size of a suitcase. I put all of my extra diapers and wipes in the medium, and if I change while out the soiled ones go in the small bag. This works great for my stroller because the Phil and Teds basket is rather small so it fits nicely.

Cloth wipes- 50ish, I am always making us new wipes. it is hard to get a count on them!

Would you like to see us carry more cloth diapers? What is in your diaper stash?

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